Foxy 200 Fraction Collector

2H2 INC offers rebuilt fraction collectors. Fraction collectors are readily available from online auctions but they are usually non-functional and/or incomplete. We buy our fraction collectors from these very same auction websites but we take the time to rebuild them and complete them.

You may have come across many different brands of fraction collectors, Varian, Beckman, Dionex, Waters etc. However there are in fact few companies that make them. Regardless of the label on the front, most of the fraction collectors in circulation are made by Teledyne ISCO, Gilson, Advantec or Phamacia(Now GE Heathcare). Likely you have never even heard of Advantec but this Japanese company makes the Waters line of fraction collectors.

We offer several brands of fraction collectors. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer. If you would like help on selecting a fraction collector please do not hesitate to ask. Although we do tend to make a little more money off of the more expensive collectors, we can offer more impartial advice then an original manufacturer or an official distributor as we don't have any brand loyalty.

For details on the specific models we offer please visit our products page. In addition you might want to visit our page for HPLC related items.

Please note that we are not affiliated with with any instrumentation manufacturer